We are the Brotherhood of Gavon Felarian. We are Order. We are Justice. We are Evil. We are a Brotherhood.
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 The Dark Assassin

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Avi Felarian
The Dark Assassin
Avi Felarian

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PostSubject: The Dark Assassin   The Dark Assassin I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2013 1:05 am

Chapter 1 - The Assassin Returns . . .

It's been 6 years since Avi Auditore has been in the Dark Knights Brotherhood, but there he was again, waiting on a tree branch for his target. Avi abandoned the Dark Knights, but it wasn't him he exclaims. He says it was a strange voice in his head telling him to. As the years went by, Avi became an Assassin. A very deadly one. His current contractor gave him a mission. He said his boss was at war with another group of people and he needed Avi to kill one of their men wearing a hooded black robe, but his contractor never gave his target's name. And so there he sat, waiting for his target. Avi wondered why a person would be foolish enough to wander near the Dark Knight's castle. And then, Avi started hearing footsteps coming towards the castle. Avi pulled out his hidden blade and relaxed.
Stay calm. Wait for your target to pass by and . . .
Avi leaped onto his target's chest and had him pinned to the ground, ready to stab his heart. Then, the strange voice of a woman returned.
"Don't kill him yet! Take off his hood and then make your choice."
Avi had no control over his body and then pulled off the target's hood, surprised to find his old friend, Abathur from the Dark Knights Brotherhood. Avi was shocked and couldn't move. Abathur kicked Avi off his chest and stood over him while Avi was on the ground. Abathur just grinned and held out his hand. Avi took his hand and Abathur helped him back up.
"Long time, no see, Assassin" said Abathur
"My contractor . . . wants to kill the Dark Knights?" asked Avi
"What contractor?"
"My contractor. He gave me a mission to kill you."i
"Ah, one of our new enemy's minions."
"What enemy?"
"Come on, buddy. I'll fill you in on the way"
And so, Abathur and Avi walked towards the Dark Knights' castle.
"You see, a new enemy has arisen who heard of those "heroes" continuous victories. But this enemy found out how the "heroes" keep winning. The Dark Knights." said Abathur
"We are his first target. Those goody-goody heroes are looking for themselves and don't care about us. But we don't need them to defeat this mere one enemy."
"So, my contractor is working for this enemy of yours. I understand." said Avi
"How about coming back to the Brotherhood. We can use someone with the experience."
"Alright. I will help the Dark Knights."
Abathur then stopped walking as they stood in front of the main gates.
"We're here. You ready?" said Abathur
Avi just stared at the gates and said, "First time I've ever wondered if I'll make it in alive"
And so the two friends entered the gates.


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Avi Felarian
The Dark Assassin
Avi Felarian

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Assassin   The Dark Assassin I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2013 1:06 am

Chapter 2 - An Uneasy Welcome

Abathur pushed open the gates and Avi followed him into the castle. Not
much has changed since he left the brotherhood. The only difference are
the new recruits. Abathur and Avi walked up to the center of the castle
and stopped. "We still haven't torn down your favorite part of the
kingdom." said Abathur. Then, Avi remembered his favorite place to go.
The Amphitheater. "The Amphitheater is on the other side of the kingdom
and there are no doors that suit your needs. I think you'll find an idea
on the top. I'll give you a boost." said Abathur. And Avi suddenly went
flying to the highest floor. It was completely empty except for a
single window. He looked through the window and found a haystack on the
ground below.
Perfect thought Avi.
Avi dived through the window like he was made to and land right in the
haystack. Right ahead of him was the Amphitheater. "I don't know if I'm
gonna like the Amphitheater so much now." said Avi to himself. And so he
walked on to the Amphitheater.

The Amphitheater was packed with Dark Knights, watching a very muscular
man wrestle a lion. Avi remembered that man very well. He was the Rock,
Avi's former Mentor. Everyone in the audience were chanting his name.
The Rock eventually ended up choking the lion to death. A man wearing
EnTropy armor came to the Rock and raised the Rock's hand in victory.
Who is that thought Avi.
Avi climbed down the steps of the Amphitheater and walked into the
arena. Avi caught the Rock's eye instantly. The Rock filled with anger
and looked like he was gonna explode.
"You! How dare you show up here after abandoning us!" said the Rock.
"I did not abandon you guys! It . . . It was that voice. Even now it haunts me." said Avi
"You expect us to believe that? You and your "voice" can go to hell." said the Rock. Then, the voice returned.
How dare he insult me like that! Beat him to a pulp!
Then Avi Lost control of his body and suddenly found his fist going towards the Rock. Then, the EnTropy blocked Avi's punch. "You have no say in this, EnTropy." said Avi, who still has no control over his body. "I believe I do. I am Doomtaco, the Rock's current apprentice." said the EnTropy. "Doomtaco. What a silly name." said Avi. Doomtaco bursted with anger and summoned a purified being that Avi has never seen coming from an EnTropy.
"HALT!" said a booming voice that Avi recognized easily. Right when that happened, Avi regained control over his body. The man who owned that voice appeared sitting on a throne with his cursed sword in hand. He was the leader, the berserker, he is . . .
"Welcome back, Assassin. I am Dart Ichimonji, but you already know that."


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Avi Felarian
The Dark Assassin
Avi Felarian

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Assassin   The Dark Assassin I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2013 8:44 pm

Chapter 3 - The Chatbox

Right when Dart Ichimonji made his entrance, everyone in the amphitheater kneeled. Everyone, except for Avi. Standing next to Dart's throne was a man in robes with a hood to cover his face.
"Who is that?" thought Avi
Doomtaco called off his beast and also kneeled.
"You got something to tell me, Dart?" said Avi.
"That is Master Dart to you!" snapped Dart.
"And yes, I would like to tell you something, but not in front of all these people."
"Then where shall me talk?" asked Avi
"We shall talk at the chatbox." said Dart
Avi didn't notice this before, but Dart's voice under was drier than he remembered. It almost sounded old. It may be from his new beserker helmet.
"Now, continue the show!" said Dart
Then, Dart and his throne disappeared.
The mysterious hooded man was still standing there, motionless. Under the man's hood, Avi can notice that he was sneering.
"We shall meet again, Avi Auditore." said the man
Then he finally revealed his face. His eyes were goldish and he had red hair. His skin was deathly pale.
Avi was surprised to see him again.
The man was GreyWarden.
GreyWarden disappeared in a flash of red as quick as lightning.
"Well, that was weird." said Avi.
Then, Avi started making his way to the chatbox.

Avi remembered the chatbox very well.
The clan always made plans to meet up there, but the plans always failed because they other people were too busy.
The chatbox was on the second highest floor of the castle.
The doors were all locked because some monstrous creations by Gengkiskan, the Dark Knghts' Doom Chef, broke in at night and destroyed the game room once. The doors had to be locked at all times during the night because of that incident. Avi eventually made it to the side entrance to the castle. The chatbox was way above.
Avi knew he had to climb to get there.
Avi's father once taught his how to use the power of light to rise.
Avi shut his eyes and concentrated.
He thought of happy stuff. Making gold, getting cool stuff, killing targets, the usual assassin stuff.
Then, Avi started feeling air whistle in his ears and all of a sudden, he made it to the chatbox, facing Dart Ichimonji.

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Avi Felarian
The Dark Assassin
Avi Felarian

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Assassin   The Dark Assassin I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 27, 2016 8:21 pm

Chapter 4 - The Chaosweaver, the Healer, and the Berserker

Dart was sitting on a blood red throne matching his berserker armor. Although, he was not wearing his helmet, showing Avi the most sickly looking man he'd ever seen.
His hair was pure white and he was death pale and he seemed to be smiling. But Avi knew that when Dart smiles, it means bad news.
"Welcome back, Avi Auditore!" said Dart.
"What happened to you?" asked Avi.
"The power of good is spreading to fast upon Lore." he said. "The Dark Knights being some of the only evil beings in existence are being weakened by the power of good. Did you see how GreyWarden looked? He looks like he's at the brink of death!"
"What does this have to do with me?" asked Avi.
"You have hidden powers, Avi. Hidden powers of light that even I haven't seen before. Your current powers of light are not effected by the influence of good. Although, even if you did find the hidden powers, you still won't be able to be more powerful than me." Dart grinned.
"How will I be able to tip the balance?"
"Nesanel will train you and when the time comes, you, Nesanel, and the other Dark Knights shall march on Falconreach."

Falconreach was the town that was filled with the power of good. If the Dark Knights take over Falconreach, it will deal a lethal blow to the power of good.
Avi thought back to Nesanel. Nesanel is one of the 4 leaders of the Dark Knights.
The other 3 are Dart, The Rock, and Gengkiskan.
Nesanel was the Dragonlord of Light who also had the power of good. But since he is in the evil clan of the Dark Knights, he is not affected if the power of good is weakened or strengthened. The evil of the clan overpowers Nesanel's good. He is the only man with the power of good that can equal Dart's, The Rock's, and Gengkiskan's strength.
"Why aren't you coming with us" asked Avi.
"I am in no state to fight that much right now. If you do take over Falconreach, the power of evil will rise, making me more powerful." said Dart. "When that happens, well, let's just say that the power of good will disappear."
"So, to Nesanel I go?" asked Avi.
"No. You will go to the armory and get new weapons from Ragnyph. I insist. After that you will go to our new healer, Tigirosa. She will see that you are well and ready."
Ragnyph was one of the few Chaosweavers in the Dark Knights. His most prized weapon is his Feather of Doom.
Although, he's never heard of Tigirosa before.
Avi bowed to Dart and said, "As you wish, Master Dart."
Avi then exited the Chatbox and made his way to the armory.

The armory wasn't hard to find. The door was made of solid iron.
Avi wondered how anyone could breathe in there.
Avi opened the door and found Ragnyph huddled over a worktable sharpening his Feather of Doom.
"Ah, welcome back, Avi Auditore." said Ragnyph.
He turned around and looked Avi straight in the eyes.
Within Ragnyph's eyes, he saw pain and terror beyond description. Avi had a feeling that the pain and terror wasn't Ragnyph's.
Ragnyph had a human face, unlike other Chaosweavers. His hair was long and dark purple and his eyes were emerald green. His spider body was that of a Black Widow.
He walked over to Avi and started inspecting his weapons.
"You have only 1 hidden blade?" asked Ragnyph.
Avi nodded.
Ragnyph went over to the weapon closet and brought a dark bracer with an obsidian hidden blade and handed it to Avi.
"Thank you." said Avi.
Avi put it on and pulled out the hidden blade. He started attacking invisible enemies. The blade was perfect.
"You might need some new armor too." said Ragnyph.
Avi looked down and saw that his armor was on the verge of breaking.
Ragnyph went to the armor closet and brought back obsidian armour, greaves, and spaulders.
Avi felt invincible when he but the armor on. He felt that no one could even scratch it.
"Thank you again, my friend." said Avi.
"No problem. Now go to Tigirosa so I can sharpen my feather." said Ragnyph.

When Avi entered the healer's room, he found a girl, who he assumed was Tigirosa, that had pointed ears and blonde hair. She had a crystal blue sword hanging from her belt which matched her stunning, yet intimidating eyes.
"So, you have returned. I have heard much about you. I am Tigirosa, but you can call me Tigi." she said.
"Avi Auditore. Nice to meet you." said Avi.
"I shall inspect your mind and see if you are hiding anything from us that can prove dangerous." she said.
Avi nodded.
Avi felt something scurrying through his thoughts, one after the other. Avi hoped that Tigirosa can eliminate the voice from his thoughts. She stumbled upon it and Avi felt both Tigirosa's mind and the voice clash at each other with their minds. The voice was somehow able to hold its ground and wouldn't budge. The voice did not attack Tigirosa although. Tigirosa eventually stopped attacking and left Avi's mind.
"Something has possessed you, Avi Auditore. Something powerful." she said. "You will have to eliminate it to begin your training, or it could be catastrophic for all of us."
"How do I find it?" asked Avi.
"I was able to track its source while I was attacking it." she said.
"That voice is coming from the Void."

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Avi Felarian
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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Assassin   The Dark Assassin I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 27, 2016 8:22 pm

Chapter 5 - Avi Felarian

"Now that is a place I haven't visited yet." said Avi.
"This is serious." said Tigirosa. "You have to eliminate this threat before rejoining us."
"Can't I just waltz into the Void? I mean, it can't be that powerful." asked Avi.
"Don't underestimate the power of the Void. And with your powers of light, every creature in the Void would learn of your presence the second you step in."
"So there is no way for me to eliminate this threat?"
"I'm afraid not." said Tigirosa.
Everything fell quiet for a few seconds. I seemed as though time froze.
"Unless . . ." Tigirosa spoke up.
Avi looked back up to Tigirosa. "Unless what!"
"It's insanity. You won't be able to handle it." said Tigirosa.
"I can handle it. Just tell me what to do! This voice is driving me crazy!"
"You are really dedicated, aren't you?" said Tigirosa.
"My suggestion is that you go see Gavon."

"Where is he?" asked Avi.
"He's currently retired, but he stops by once and a while. Lucky for you, he is currently in the castle. He's in his throne room." said Tigirosa.
"Very well. Thank you for your help, Tigirosa." said Avi.
Avi then hastily walked out the door.

Avi stood at the center of the castle, looking up at the enormous staircase leading to every room in the castle. Gavon Felarian's room number was 43. Avi walks up the staircase until he finally reaches the room. Avi reached for the doorknob, wondering what will happen once he steps foot inside. Avi twists the knob.

As Avi stepped inside, he saw dozens of bones littering the floor. Gavon sat on his throne, not noticing Avi. He was staring at his sword, Morthyst, while muttering to himself. Avi gulped.
"Gavon?" said Avi.
Gavon looked up instantly with a crazy look in his eyes. When he saw Avi, he managed a smile.
"Avi!" said Gavon. "Where have you been this whole time?"
Gavon was wearing green armor which was polished to a crystal finish. Morthyst matched Gavon's armor perfectly with a black blade, a gold hilt and handle, and a green gem encrusted in the center of the hilt.
"Wherever the wind takes me." said Avi.
"Ah, just like all other assassins. Tell me, why are you here?" asked Gavon.
Avi told Gavon everything that has happened since he arrived.
"Hmm . . ." said Gavon.
"Will you help me or not?" asked Avi.
"Oh, of course I will help you!" said Gavon.
"You have what I need?"
"Yes! Come, follow me!"

Gavon led Avi to a stone wall. Gavon knocked on it and a door opened. Inside was a large hidden room filled with jewels and gold.
Gavon looked at Avi and smiled. "Being the former leader of the Dark Knights has its perks."
Avi followed Gavon to the end of the room. At the end was a stone pedestal with a small chest on top. Gavon opened it and inside was a necklace with a gem similar to the one in Morthyst's hilt. The only difference was that this one was yellow.
"Take it." said Gavon. "I found it once while wandering in the darkness realm. I have a feeling it has something to do with you."
"Are you sure?" asked Avi
"I insist."
Avi picked up the necklace and it instantly started glowing. Avi started rising in the air. He started glowing as well. A massive pain started to strike his brain. It felt like it was being ripped apart. Avi started to scream. His mind started to change. He was a completely different person. He longer has his hidden blades. The necklace was now around his neck. The gem changed into the color green. He also noticed he had a sword. The blade was green and there was a silver handle. Avi descended to the ground.
Gavon laughed maniacally.
"Avi Auditore is now the great and evil Avi Felarian!"

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Avi Felarian
The Dark Assassin
Avi Felarian

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Assassin   The Dark Assassin I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 27, 2016 8:22 pm

Chapter 6 - Misfortune

"Avi Felarian," Avi said to himself and smiled at Gavon. "I like it."
Avi noticed his voice was slightly deeper and his eyes were green.
Gavon just laughed maniacally. "I knew there was more evil in you!"
"So wha - who have I turned into?" asked Avi.
"That pendant just happened to unlock another side of you that you never knew you had. Although you may not be as strong as the others in the clan, you have two halves. One side is wise, smart, and good. The other is powerful, bloodthirsty, and evil."
"So I'm basically two people in one body?"
"Interesting . . ."
Avi looked at himself and checked his equipage.
He had no armor and was wearing his usual garments, except it was green. He had a new black bow and a quiver on his back. But the thing that interested him the most was his sword.
He pulled it out of its sheath. It was so shiny it looked as if it was made just now. He put his hand to the blade and felt something moving inside. Then a voice started talking to him, but it was that of a man.
"Greetings Avi Felarian. I was once a human like you. But I was very, very evil. So evil that in fact, the avatars took a hold of me. They decided to send me to Death and have him judge. And well, Death cursed me. Every time I came close to a loved one, I would bring them misfortune. I then seeked refuge in the Plane of Darkness, where I wouldn't have to bear the pain of my loved ones. But I was turned into a spirit of darkness and I binded myself to this sword. The sword once belonged to Voidstar when he was human, but I managed to find it. I will leave your mind now."
And Avi heard nothing more.

"The sword needs a name." said Gavon.
Avi tried to recall all the names of the old language. He was taught the language when he was in the Dark Knights. The language was used hundreds of years ago, but the Dark Knights somehow managed to learn it.
Then, Avi thought of what the spirit told him.
"What about Rauthr?" said Avi.
"Misfortune." smiled Gavon. "It has a nice ring to it."
"Then it's settled." said Avi. "But how am I going to get to the Void?"
"There is a portal in the basement. None go through. Only one has gone through and came back, but he came back as a mad man. It was before this castle was built and the Dark Knights were created."
"Well, wish me luck." said Avi.
"You have guts." said Gavon. "Come back with good tidings! Farewell!"
"Farewell." said Avi.
Avi then walked out the treasure room and back to the main hall of the castle.

To Avi's surprise, there was someone waiting for him outside of Gavon's room. She had black hair and she was wearing standard iron bracers with a matching spaulder on her left shoulder. She had purple eyes which matched the sword at her belt which looked like it was created by a master smith. She also carried a small purse-like bag.
"Can I help you?" asked Avi.
"So you're the one that has returned? That makes two of us." she said. She held out her hand as greeting.
Avi shook her hand. "Avi."
"You are a lot younger than I thought. What are you, sixteen? And you're an assassin too?" said Salene.
"Yes, actually. I need as much gold as I can get." he replied
"Why have you come to meet me and what do you mean by 'that makes two of us'?"
"I was also part of the Dark Knights before as well. But that story serves for another time. Tigirosa told me to give you something that will help you with your adventure, whatever it is." she said. Salene then opened up her bag and brought out something that looked like one the hidden blade bracers he was wearing, but it had a button on the top.
"What is it?" asked Avi.
"Tigirosa told me it's a hidden gun. It has a hidden blade in it like usual, but also has a gun on the top. She told me it is loaded with mithril bullets, strong enough to go through 5 walls of iron like it was butter." She then handed the gun to Avi. "Use it well."
"Send Tigirosa my thanks. And I'm going to hold you to that story." Avi smiled.
"Perhaps I'll be able to tell you after all this chaos is over. Farewell, Avi Auditore." Salene then walked down the giant staircase and out of view.

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Avi Felarian
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Avi Felarian

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Assassin   The Dark Assassin I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 27, 2016 8:22 pm

Chapter 7 - The Void

Avi Felarian's mind is buzzing with questions. For how long did this "alter ego" exist? How powerful has it made him? Is it powerful enough to aid his journey to the Void? Can he ever switch back to his old self?
Avi pondered with these thoughts as he made his way to the underground cellar door beneath the stairwell of the castle. He could hear the faint laugh of the Voice in his head, mocking him.
"Come closer, assassin; I dare you."
Avi started to feel a bit angry after that. He couldn't wait to smash that woman's face in.
Avi opens the cellar door. There was a stairwell leading further down. At the bottom of the stairwell, he had a view of the floor due to a pulsing purple light. He walks down. The cellar stank like old milk for some odd reason. When he reached the bottom, the door at the top slammed shut. The sides of the room were a continuous row of jail cells. Avi looked inside one. All he found was some bones and a patch of bright red fur.
"The other Knights had probably fed the poor fool to the hellhounds."
Avi looked straight across the cellar. About two dozen meters away was a purple portal in the floor. In order to enter, he would have to jump down.
He looked inside of another cellar and found a rope. It didn't look that strong, but it was the best he's got. Avi walks towards the portal. He approaches the jail cell closest to the portal and ties the rope around one if the iron bars.
He hears laughter in a cell behind him. Avi pulls an arrow from his quiver and draws his bow in the matter of a second. He sees a human figure in a cell, laughing maniacally at him. The figure falls on the floor in laughter. "Who are you?!" says Avi. The figure raises his hand, signalling to hold fire. He slowly manages to stop his laughing get up. "What is your name?" asks Avi. "Oooh, that's a tough one. Can I buy a vowel?" says the person, as he gets into another laughing fit.
"I should just kill you right now and get back to my business." says Avi.
"You don't remember me, hooded fool?"
"No, I don't, and I don't think I need to remember"
The person laughed. "I am Alucard! The most evil of all the Dark Knights!"
"Impossible. Alucard was banished to the Plane of Darkness for eternity."
"That's what those idiots wanted you all to think. They gave you all a false sense of security. Gavon, Rocky, and Dart could not lock me away to the Plane of Darkness even if they wanted to. Voidstar does not favour the Dark Knights very much. So they locked me in here where I am slowly driven to insanity." Alucard smiled with a crazy look in his eyes.
"Why didn't they just kill you?" asked Avi, very confused. Alucard laughed.
"Gavon, Rocky, and Dart had made an amazing discovery many years ago with the assistance of Gengkiskan and their high class alchemists; the power of immortality. It was a one time formula, and could never be created again. The three leaders had come to the decision to lock away the potion once it was created, to be used when a person of importance presented themselves. So I did what any smart and evil person would do; I stole it." Alucard fell back to the floor in laughter. "You should've seen their faces! That I, the Great Alucard, was now immortal! Priceless!"
"I've wasted far too much time on this dunce, he is of no concern to me" thought Avi. "You're psychotic and useless; I'll be on my way." says Avi as he puts away his bow and his arrow. He holds onto the rope, ready to jump down the portal.
"Did you pack your granola bar, dear?" says Alucard as he laughs even harder.
Avi ignores him. He has something bigger to worry about. He jumps down the portal.

Avi has just entered the Void, and it already confuses him. The portal ended up shooting him out of the ground instead of falling down from the sky or a ceiling. The area surrounding him was as abnormal as it gets. It was a mix of a grass field and mountainous terrain. The rocks were purple and the grass was lime green. Avi looked up and found the sky to be just as strange. There were no clouds, no sun, no moon. It was just complete darkness. The more Avi looked at the sky, the more lost he felt in it. Off in the distance he can hear strange sounds that he cannot recognize. He looks off in that direction and sees a strange looking castle, approximately half a league away. Avi was being unusually drawn towards it. He had a feeling the being that has been haunting him is in there.
"Great. Walking." thought Avi.
He then sets off on his journey.
The terrain around him did not change at all as he advanced. It was never ending.
"Who could live in such a boring world?"

As he walks, Avi begins pondering.
"Why am I doing this?"
Thoughts of his past suddenly come flooding to him, along with heartache. And pain. So much pain.
He sees himself as a child, playing with his younger brother, Blatar. Avi grew up with his family in a village in the centre of Sho'Nuff Island. Due to the location, the village was always caught in the crossfire in the many battles between the Shadow Wind Ninja and the Osprey Pirates. At the time, they Ninja and the Pirates were at full on war against each other. They battled near the outskirts of the village, so Avi and Blatar hid in the village shelter while their parents were guarding against any intruders.
Avi and Blatar were playing a game of hide and seek in the food room. They weren't supposed to be there, but no adults were around, so they went in  anyways. Avi looked for what seemed like hours but couldn't find his younger brother. He was a very sneaky kid.
But then the exit door is hit by a large thud. Avi immediately hides inside a metal crate of meat and peeks through the opening.
Another thud.
Avi hoped that Blatar stays hidden. If he exposed himself, he could be in a lot of danger.
The door tears open.
A ninja and a pirate are in full on combat.
"Ya filthy ninja! W'need these food more than all of ya cowardly rodents!" says the pirate.
The ninja doesn't speak a word.
They continue to fight, blades in hand. The ninja gets up close to attempt a fatal blow against the pirate. The pirate blocks and kicks the ninja off him hard. As the ninja as staggered, the pirate quickdraws his and shoots. The ninja blocks the bullet at the cost of his sword.
The ninja drops a smoke pellet and rushes to the pirate, fist against blade. The ninja blocks the sword blows with his metal bracers. The pirate forces him into defence. The ninja ends up losing his form for a split second. The pirate capitalizes and stabs him in the chest.
The smoke begins to clear and the ninja drops to his knees.
"Take that ya stinkin' ninja!"
The ninja body disappears in a puff of smoke and is replaced by a log.
"What the h-"
The ninja appears behind the pirate and begins to strangle the pirate.
"Alright, ya stinkin' ninja. If we'rnt gonna get the food, nobody is!" the pirate manages to say.
Avi watches in horror and in fear for his younger brother.
The pirate pulls out his pistol takes aim at the shelter's oil fuel canister.
"BLATAR!!" yells Avi.
The pirate pulls the trigger.

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Chapter 8 - Confrontation

"I should be dead."
Avi sobs along with the clouds as he kneels over the remains of his younger brother. The entire shelter had been reduced to rubble. The ground was littered with corpses; Avi refused to search them to avoid the fact that his parents could be among them as well. The sound of approaching voices behind him interrupts Avi's moment of misery.
"I need to leave..."
Avi looks up and and sets his sights on the forest ahead of him that backed the shelter. He sees a rustle of motion.
"What the--"
Avi spots a human figure, although it was missing an arm. It limped it's way through the forest. Avi catches sight of the figure's good arm. It held a cutlass. Avi gritted his teeth with rage.
"Filthy pirate."
Avi gets back on his feet and sprints towards the forest. Blind in rage, he trips over a corpse and lands face-first onto the muddy ground. He looks back at the body. It was the ninja. His blade was still in his clutch, somehow in pristine condition. Avi thanks whatever god that was by his side for that small miracle. Even if it was a god of death.

"A god of death."
Avi smirks at the thought of it as he continues to wander towards the void castle, dragging his blade across the ground.
"Hey, can you stop doing that? You're giving me a headache," said Rauthr.
Avi quickly picked his sword back up and sheathed it. "My apologies," said Avi. "I was getting bored."
Avi let out an enormous sigh and yelled out into the darkness above him. He was convinced that he would die of boredom before anything else. Avi looks towards the castle.
"Is this all that this stupid world has to offer?! Pathetic!" he yells towards the castle.
A powerful, sharp force pierces Avi's mind. He puts his hands to his temples, yelling in pain as he stumbles to his knees.
"You've come far enough, assassin," says the Voice. "I wish that your death could be by my own hands, but I wouldn't want to give you the chance to spoil my surprises." The Voice cackles. "Now die!"
As his brain continues to be devastated by the power of the Voice, Avi hears screeching. The screeching seemed to be coming from the ground ahead of him.
"What the hell..." Avi thinks to himself, his eyes still closed from the pain. The screeching begins growing.
"No. Not growing..."
Avi opens his eyes.
Avi looks up to a sight of terror. Void creatures. And there were more arriving, portals being created out of the ground. There were hundreds of them.
Avi smirks at the sight.
"Now that's more like it."
Avi unsheathes Rauthr. He charges the first monster of the pack. He lets out a laugh while running, a sign that he was Avi Auditore no more. The maniacal laughter of a true Felarian.

"Get out of my way..."
A group of three Sneevils stood between the young Avi Auditore and the pirate who wiped out Avi's entire meaning of life. The least Avi could do with his life now was avenge his family and his people.
Sneevils are a species of goblin, easily distinguished by the nasal pitch in their voices and their strong obsession of boxes. They were the size of a human child, about the quarter of the size of an adult human, however some Sneevils have been able to grow to the size of a fully matured human, although it is very rare. Sneevils are also very intelligent, such as other goblins, creating their own clothing, armour, and weapons for their box-related endeavours.
The Sneevil who appeared to be the leader snickered. "Sure, we'll get out of way. Just tell us if boxes are still in building."
"Yes, big box building," said another Sneevil. "We saw boom. We look for boxes inside box building."
Avi tightened his grip on his ninja blade.
"You're wasting my time and your own. There's nothing left, everything was destroyed." Avi raised his blade. "Now get out of my way!"
The leader flinched at the blade. "Building may have boomed, doesn't mean you don't know where we find more boxes," the leader snickered. "Get him boys!" Two of the Sneevils charged Avi. "For boxes!" One of the Sneevils reached Avi faster than the other, sliding towards his left leg and clinging onto it.
"They're trying to throw me off balance," Avi thought to himself. He swatted his sword at the second Sneevil that was trying to reach his leg,
keeping it away. The Sneevil frantically began to grab his knives from his belt to aid his charge. While the Sneevil scrambled for his weapons, the first one was still on Avi's leg, trying to shake him off balance.
"This is my only chance."
Avi could not use his sword to get the Sneevil off, the other one would take advantage immediately. He quickly looked around for something that could help. Then Avi noticed it. A tree to his right.
"Now you're donezo!" The Sneevil had gotten his knives. Avi smirked. As the Sneevil began to run at him, Avi channelled all his force to swing his left leg with the first Sneevil still hanging onto it in the form of a kick. The charging Sneevil flinched backwards. However, little did the Sneevil know that the kick was not meant for him. The approaching leg stopped the charge as Avi spun his body to the right and swung his leg into the tree, the Sneevil on his leg between them.
The Sneevil let out a bloodcurdling scream. The snap of the its spine rang in all their ears. It's grip on Avi's leg loosened. The Sneevil's body remained motionless on the ground as it fell while Avi took his leg back. The two other Sneevils watched the brutality in horror.
"Leave," said Avi. The Sneevils remained frozen. Avi spun his sword towards them, scaring them out of shock. "Now!" The little goblins whimpered as they began to scurry away from Avi as fast as they could. Avi watched as one of them tripped and face-planted into the mud, the other quickly dragging him away by the arm, avoiding Avi's gaze in fear. Once they retreated, Avi shifted his gaze to the Sneevil corpse. "The pirate did this to me. This war did this to me." The destruction of the shelter not only took away Avi's home and family, but also his compassion, his mercy and a portion of his humanity. Perhaps that was the day that within him, Avi Felarian was born.

Avi Felarian looked up at the castle and smiled devilishly.
"743 monsters."
Avi was covered in blood of all sorts of colours, if it was blood at all; the Void was filled with all sorts of abnormalities. Avi looked around and admired his work. Decapitated heads, sliced tentacles, torn claws and limbs, twisted spines. And all he received in return were some cuts and bruises. For some reason, Avi felt good. Instead of killing and assassinating for gold to try to escape his demons of the past, he embraced them and used them to become even stronger than he was before.
"Phew," said Rauthr. "That was quite the massacre. You mind letting me get some rest? Wake me up in like 30 years, sound cool?" Avi chuckled. "Not a chance, Rauthr." Avi averted his gaze back towards the castle. "We got a lot more work ahead of us." He sheathed Rauthr.
A pain smashed the back of Avi's mind.
"Not again!" He howled in pain.
"You shall suffer now as made my creations suffered," said the Voice. "Blood must have blood. You will die. Now." Avi's eyes went from dark, Felarian green to Void purple. He lost control of his body. His hands came up and placed themselves around his neck.
"She's gonna make me choke myself out," Avi thought to himself with what little room he had left for his brainpower with all the pain he was suffering.
"Okay that's it," Avi said to the Voice telepathically through his mind. "You first forced me to leave the Dark Knights. Now you are going to make me kill myself in order to try and send a message to them." Avi was struggling to use his mind while trying to resist the power the Voice had over his hands around his neck, choking him. "Well here's my message to you." Avi began collecting all his memories together and his force.
"I'm done being your Female Dog."
Avi smashed all his memories towards the back of his mind, the source of the Voice. Memories of love and pain. Of mercy and vengeance. Of good and evil. The Voice's grip loosened.
"What the hell are you doing?!" it said. It started to regain it's footing, gathering strength again. Avi struggled through the pain of his own hands and hammered the Voice again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
"Stop it! Y-you can't do this! I am your saviour! I can help you!" exclaimed the Voice, it's presence weakening substantially as Avi continued to batter it. "Let me help you and you can have power beyond comprehension. Greater than Gavon Felarian, Dart Ichimonji, and Rocky Felarian combined!" it said. Avi mentally smirked. "I've already got enough power. Enough to wipe you out." With one last charge, he completely destroyed the Voice's presence in his brain. His mind was finally at peace. Avi's grip on his own neck loosened as he collapsed to the ground from physical and mental exhaustion, sweating and gasping for air.
"I did it."
Avi turned to lay on his back, facing the complete darkness of the sky. He laughed in victory. He got back onto his feet. His mission was complete, however Avi still had a score to settle.
"I'm going to massacre that entire castle."

The pirate sat against a tree, his left arm clutching his right side where he was missing an arm. His arm had been blown off from the elbow, so he had tied his bandana around his bicep to prevent further blood loss. Avi watched the pirate calmly, yet furiously as he winced in pain from his missing arm.
"That arm is nothing compared to what you made me lose," Avi thought to himself, tightening his grip on his katana. His thoughts flashed to his mother who always took care of the family, his father who taught him so much, and Blatar who always knew how to get Avi to crack a smile.
"How will I ever live without them..."
The pirate stopped moving. Avi perked up and regained focus.
"No. He can't die yet. I have to kill him."
The pirate still remained motionless. Avi's spirit filled with rage. He could not give his family their vengeance. Avi was just about to come out of his hiding position and let out his anger, until a sound came from the pirate's mouth. He was snoring. As much as Avi was annoyed, he was also relieved. The perfect opportunity. Avi took one silent step forward. Then another. Saliva began to fall out of the corner of the pirate's mouth. Avi scrunched his eyebrows in disgust. He continued to progress towards the pirate, every step seeming to sync with his heartbeat. After what seemed like forever, Avi was within arms reach of the snoozing pirate. The pirate's long hair fell loosely on his shoulders, he also seemed to have multiple burns across his body and some on his face. Avi hefted the ninja blade in his hand.
"One stab to the heart. That's all it takes."
The young Avi readied his blade to strike.
Avi's sweat mimicked the pirate's drool.
His pulse rang furiously in his ears.
The pirate's eyes flashed open as he tumbled to the left with unprecedented speed, Avi's blade only a split second away from piercing his heart. The force he put behind the strike plunged the weapon deep into the tree that the pirate was sleeping against.
"Damn bird!"
Avi looked to his left, the pirate's cutlass already drawn in his left hand.
"Yer just a young chap. Whatcha want?" the pirate asked.
Avi's eyes burned as his vision went red.
He yelled in frustration as he tried to dislodge his blade from the tree, but to no avail.
"Get home, kid. Yer outta yer league, think about dis," the pirate assured.
Avi stared deep into the pirate's eyes. Then it finally dawned on the pirate.
"Yer from the shelter. Aren't cha?"
A wave of grief almost came crashing upon Avi again, but he managed to resist. He needed to kill the pirate.
"Yes," Avi replied. He needed to keep the pirate distracted while he thought of a plan.
The pirate was hit a wave of solemness. "I dunno what to say, kiddo..."
"Don't say anything. Just die!" Avi replied as he continued to struggle with the blade. While the pirate was distracted by his own thoughts, Avi thought back to his father.

Dumas Auditoré was a half-elf, living with his father and his clan of light elves in a forest nestled between the Deadlands and the Kingdom of Greenguard. His mother was a human Guardian fighting in Willowshire, so she could not stay with the elven clan. She'd never returned from the dreaded town since. Dumas became an adept light conjurer and mage through the teachings of his elven brethren. Even though he was only a half-elf, he far surpassed many of the full-elves. Upon hearing of the constant war between the pirates and ninjas in Sho'Nuff, he traversed the sea to get to the island. His skills were needed there more than at home. He settled in a village in the center of the island and fell in love with a woman named Tisha who was also the leader of the guard in the village. They eventually married and had two boys, Avi and Blatar Auditoré.
Dumas would play a crucial role in the village's medical needs with his light magic. His skills always astonished Avi as a child. Avi would constantly beg his father to teach him some of his tricks. Dumas would always refuse as Avi was too young, but one day to calm him down once and for all, Dumas taught him a spell.
"Alright, repeat after me," said Dumas, taking a stick from the ground and handing it to young Avi standing beside him. "Koro da Justucar."
"Koro da Justucar," Avi repeated. Nothing happened. Avi looked up at Dumas, puzzled. "Did I do it?"
"That was just the name of the spell, boy. Getting it to work is a different story," said Dumas, smiling down on Avi. "Now, pretend this stick is a part of you. An extension. Now when you recite the spell again, I want you to put your energy into the stick just like every other part of your body," Dumas squatted down to meet his son's focus on the stick. "Ready?" Avi nodded his head and closed his eyes. He channeled his force into the stick. "Koro da Justucar." Avi opened his eyes as he continued to focus his energy. The stick illuminated intensely. It shone brilliantly upon both of their faces.
"Bravo!" said Dumas as he clapped his hands. Avi grinned with joy. "Now keep that stick with you and keep practicing, okay? You picked that spell up pretty fast. Once you perfect it, I'll teach you some more, sound like a plan?" Avi nodded his head as the light began to fade. Dumas smiled and ruffled Avi's hair, then went to back inside the medical centre.
"Yeah kiddo?" said Dumas, turning around.
"What does the name of the spell mean?"
Dumas smiled.

Avi channelled all of his being into the ninja blade. It shone intensely, blinding the pirate instantly. The light power began to melt the bark that encased it in the tree. Avi dislodged it and faced the pirate. He yelled in his blindness as he trying to cover both of his eyes with one arm. He had dropped his cutlass in surprise. Avi walked up to the stumbling pirate calmly, unaffected by the blinding magnificence of his blade. He stood in front of the pirate for a moment while he still struggled to regain his vision. In a split second, Avi drove his sword straight through the pirate's chest. He stopped squirming immediately. The stab forced him to open his eyes which had turned into a cloudy white from the light. Avi let go of the blade's handle, the pirate's body thudding to the dirt on the ground. "Koro da justucar..."
"Answer Justice," said Dumas.

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Chapter 9 - Rebirth

Finally finished his tedious journey, Avi Felarian stood calmly before the tall doors of the Void castle. He itched to just smash through the doors, laying waste to all in his path with Rauthr. That was the main difference between Avi Felarian and Avi Auditoré, Felarian was always thirsty for conflict, seeming to have adrenaline constantly pumping through his veins. Auditoré, however, was much more of a "brain fighter", behaving reactively and driven only to reach his goal, nothing more, nothing less. Avi could not help but constantly wonder where his other half has gone.

Avi shook his head. "That Avi is gone, this new form is perfect! I need nothing more."

Avi managed to ignore his itch for blood enough to openly the door quietly. He peeked through.


There was a path from the door leading directly to the end of the room where there sat a purple throne, matching the purple marble of the floor and the purple pillars the surrounded the room around the edges. Two stairways were behind the throne, one to the left and one to the right. Avi could not see where they lead as the destination was blocked by the wall backing the throne.

"This is too suspicious..."

Avi drew his bow along with an arrow from his quiver. He may be bloodthirsty, but his power still enabled him to be a deadly sharpshooter. He cautiously began advancing towards the throne, scanned the gaps between the pillars for enemies as he skulked. Avi could swear that he heard whispering all around him. He wasn't sure if it was from the castle or from his own mind; Felarian nature was still not entirely known to Avi. 

He made it to his destination unscathed with no signs of enemies whatsoever. The purple throne had carvings of tentacles and tendrils engraved around its edges. They almost seemed to move. The design displayed chaos but created a sense of elegance with the cursive carvings.

Avi scanned the area to make sure no one was around. Once certain, Avi smirked as he strapped his bow onto his back and slumped onto the throne.

"How do you like this, woman?!" Avi yelled aloud as he began to laugh. His mocking was cut short. The tentacles that were seemingly engraved into the throne came to life. The tentacles licked at Avi's ankles and wrapped themselves around them. Avi almost instantly reached for Rauthr to cut the tentacles off his legs. However, his reflexes were not fast enough. Tentacles sprouted from the top edges of the throne and snapped around Avi's wrists, pulling them back. It was like being shackled to a wall.

Avi's mind immediately began to scurry for escape options. He was once again interrupted.

A Void portal began to open before the chained Avi Felarian. It was pitch black. A purple boot came out of the darkness. Then another. As the feet advanced, their owner emerged from the portal. It was a woman, or so it seemed. She was slightly shorter than Avi.

"We finally meet, Dark Assassin."

It was her. The Voice. Avi gritted his teeth. "You."

Her facial appearance was beautiful yet terrible, like a fallen angel. Her skin tone was a light grey and her eyes were complete orange. Her hair matched her purple attire. She wore an open coat that reached down to her knees, revealing a very light armoured purple breastplate. It had hole cut into the center, revealing a functioning eye that was embedded in her chest.

"Not so tough without your fancy toys, now are you?" she said as laughter began to crack from her lips. Her voice sounded venomous, as if it came from the mouth of a snake.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Avi with a tone of rage.

The eye in her chest began to stare at him.

"I am the Empress of the Void. All in this realm bow before me." She looked back towards the doors of the castle. "And soon all of Lore shall." A grin stretched across her face as she looked back at Avi.

"And how do you plan to do that, you wretch? Your forces are pitiful in comparison to the Dark Knights."

Avi had figured that his only possible way of escaping would be to ask Rauthr for advice. However, he needed to learn more about this Empress, because from what it seemed, she meant business.

"With you," the Empress said devilishly. "Do you not realize, child? You have unimaginable power. You were brought into the Dark Knights, the most powerful organization of evil in the history of lore, at the age of nine. You are sixteen, yet you have managed to eradicate an entire Void swarm singlehandedly." The Empress began to move closer as she spoke. "Why spend your time working under a clan? Your potential is limitless. You can accomplish so much alone." She knelt down to meet Avi's gaze, to coax him with her snake-talk. Avi tried to look away, yet another tentacle emerged from the throne and wrapped around his throat, forcing him to look straight into the Empress's eyes. "All you have to do is join me. This entire world will be under your control. And all you have to do is say yes." The Empress tilted her head. "So, won't you help me?"

Avi stopped struggling from his tentacle prison. His dark green eyes fell deep into the endless orange of the Empress's. Avi opened his mouth. A smirk of victory began to form around the edges of the Empress's lips. It was suddenly wiped off her mouth as Avi spat in the Empress's face. The Empress screams in disgust as she backs away from the assassin, wiping the saliva from her face.

"I don't fall for puppy-dog-eyes, you pathetic excuse of an Empress." Avi managed a choked laugh.

The Empress's eyes met Avi's with deadly intentions. "Stubborn brat! You will pay now. Send your leaders my regards. I declare war on Lore and the Dark Knights." She began to furiously advance towards Avi. "As for your punishment, I will make sure you never cross me. Ever. Again."

"RAUTHR, WAKE UP!" Avi telepathically called to his sword.

"Damn, you're in quite the pickle aren't you," said Rauthr as he laughed.

"Get me out of here! What is there you can help me with?" Time seemed to go in slow motion. Avi's thought process raced faster than realtime.

"Your pendant. It has a dormant power, I can sense it. It is connected to me, so I know there's something in there."

"Dormant power? What could that possibly mean?" said Avi. Then it struck him. Avi disconnected from Rauthr. He needed to activate the pendant somehow.

The Empress had reached Avi. She placed her hands upon Avi's head. "These are the last words you shall hear, darling." She put her lips next to Avi's right ear.

She whispers, "Long live the Empress."

A destructive cry unleashed from the Empress's lips. It shook the entire throne room. It's power hammered at Avi's ear drums. Avi wanted to scream in pain. He could feel the screech tearing at his sense of hearing. It rattled his entire mind. Avi needed to activate the pendant at all costs. The screech continued to torture Avi. He could feel blood emerging from his ears. Avi only had one word in his mind. His last hope.



Avi's pendant began to glow blindingly. The Empress's cry stopped as she looked at the pendant. A look of terror stretched across her demonic face. With an enormous flash, the pendant blinded the Empress, stunning her and forcing her away from Avi. The glow from the pendant began to spread across Avi's entire body. The tentacles that shackled him squirmed and retreated from the light. He felt it inside of him. He was changing again. The power of the pendant began to die down. Avi opened his eyes. The pendant was now yellow. His clothes had changed from black with dark green trim to pure white with golden trim. Rauthr was now golden as well.

"NO!" The Empress was still blinded, covering her eyes. "This isn't possible! The Seal of Balance!" She continued to howl. Avi stood up, but quickly realized he barely could. The damage to his ears still lasted. Every sound felt like a nail being hammered into his ear drums. He also had a difficult time keeping his balance. Avi mustered the energy to raise his right hand.


A portal of light opened before Avi. With all the power in his being, he threw himself towards the portal. He came through to the other side instantly. As his energy faded and the portal closed behind him, he managed to look up at his destination. He saw a dark castle matching the black sky, with windows that seemed to be lit with fire. A smile emerged upon his face as his vision faded and collapsed to the ground.

Avi Auditoré had returned.

Avi opened his eyes. His mouth carried an empty taste.

"So he lives."

Avi looked towards the owner of the voice. She was standing over a table littered with potions, vials, and herbs. It was Tigirosa. She was fixated on crushing a strange, bright red herb.

"How long have I been out?" Avi asked as he looked around the medical room. He was the only one laying in a long row of beds. There was a closet across the room filled with all kinds of medical equipment. Avi could swear he saw a chainsaw in there.

"Three days," said Tigirosa calmly. "You should be grateful. Your ear drums had withstood enormous amounts of pressure. A normal person would've just died of trauma, let alone survive the damage." She finished crushing the red herb and poured it into a sickly, yellow potion. "You're a lucky kid," she said as she stirred the potion. "By the way, I must ask, how well can you hear?"

Avi sat up, grimacing as his temples pounded in the form of a headache.

"I can hear perfectly fine, why?"

Tigirosa stopped stirring. She turned around to look at Avi. "That's not possible."

Avi was confused. "How isn't it--"

"Feel your ears," said Tigirosa.

Still puzzled, Avi reached his right arm to his right ear. Where he expected his ears to be, his hand instead met a form of padding. He reached for the other ear with his other hand. The same thick padding. His ears were covered in bandages.

"Those are 3 layers," said Tigirosa in a calm tone with a calculating look on her face. Shock struck Avi Auditoré.

"But that's not possible..." he said.

"Exactly," Tigirosa responded. "It would be best if you stayed here for a bit longer until I figure out what happened to you. This thing could have other effects."

However, Avi did not intend on being stuck in a bed. "But I can't stay! I need to talk to the Lord Knights immediately!"

Tigirosa sighed as she set down her stirring spoon and her potion on the alchemy bench. She turned around and held her hands behind her back. "You may tell me and I will convey the message to them. I am a High Knight too, you know," she says. Avi did not show any emotion as he kept his surprise to himself. How could she become a High Knight so fast?

Avi pushed the thought aside as he explained all that had happened during his Void trek.

"Another foe?" Tigirosa began pacing back and forth. "This Empress is very calculating. She's been trying to cripple us for the past seven years then, with your abandonment." Avi nodded his head. "Very well. I shall alert the Lord Knights. And the Dark Knights will have to prepare for war," said Tigirosa, as she stopped her pacing. "Anything else of interest?"

Avi couldn't recall anything of immediate concern, but he was bothered by what the Empress said as he fled through the portal.

"The Empress mentioned a Seal of Balance or something when I changed to this form. What is the Seal?" he asked. Tigirosa raised an eyebrow.

From what Avi knew, there were only four Seals that have ever existed: the Seal of Purity, the Seal of Chaos, the Seal of Life, and the Seal of Death. The First Lord, the creator of Mana and Magic, had supposedly discovered Mana through also creating these Seals. Every magical spell calls upon a specific Seal's power to form. Light magic and healing, for example, would fall under the Seals of Life and Purity, while necromancy and dark magic would go with the Seals of Death and Chaos.

"I can only recall hearing about that Seal once, but it was rumoured to be a myth, non-existent." She walked over to stand beside Avi's bed and held out her hand. "Show me your pendant."

Avi didn't argue as he allowed her to inspect the yellow-crystal pendant, which was strangely enough still around his neck.

"I didn't take it off because when I did, your heart rate skyrocketed along with resumed ear bleeding," said Tigirosa. It was as if she had read his mind. She examined the crystal closely. She squinted her eyes as she scanned it. As soon as she met the middle, her eyes immediately widened. She shook her head. "This is no myth."

Avi took the pendant back and scanned it for himself. In the center was a Seal. Similar to all other Seals, it was displayed as a ring with runic letters written within the edges. In the empty hole in the middle of the ring would be a configuration of lines, just like every other Seal. Each Seal had unique runic lettering in its ring and a different configuration of lines in the hole of the ring. This Seal, however, had completely different runes and lines. Four vertical lines were inside the ring on this new Seal and the runic lettering was unrecognizable.

"The Seal of Balance..." said Tigirosa in awe.

"What's so special about this stupid Seal?" asked Avi. The existence of another Seal did not seem concerning to him; the pendant unlocked his full potential, and that's all he needed. Or so it seemed.

"According to legend, the Seal of Balance was worn by the First Lord. The Seal's purpose was to maintain control amongst all the other Seals and their magic." Tigirosa stepped back away from Avi and paced as she continued to tell her story, a thoughtful look on her face. "The First Lord maintained this control by creating the Seal onto himself, carving the symbol onto his back with a knife." 

Avi Auditoré cringed. He was not a fan of physical torture or pain, not even self-induced. Quick death was always his way, pain was not his thing.

"By doing so, all the power of the Seal was invested into his body." Tigirosa sighed. "That's all I know. I read it from a torn page hidden in the Guardian Tower of the Deadlands, but it crumbled after I got that far." She stopped pacing. "I had always assumed that the Seal's power was buried along with the Lord's body when he died. But this pendant must be where he transferred the Seal." She turned to face Avi. "And the Seal is now yours."

Avi looked back at his pendant and examined the Seal.

"The power must be unimaginable," he thought to himself.

"Where did you get the pendant from anyways?" Tigirosa asked, snapping Avi out of his thoughts.

"Um, Gavon gave it to me. He said he found it while he was in the Plane of Darkness." Avi scratched his head.

"Hmm, that must make sense. The First Lord must have given the pendant to the Avatars, to keep the balance of magic intact. I guess Voidstar must've been reckless." Tigirosa began to wear a puzzled expression. "There's still something that doesn't make sense to me."

If Avi's ears weren't bandaged, they would've perked up. "What's there to wonder?"

Tigirosa sighed. "The First Lord bound the Seal into the pendant, right?"

Avi nodded his head.

"If he could do that, why wouldn't he bind his spirit to it as well?"

Avi thought about it. His mind was blank. He just shrugged. "No clue."

Tigirosa looked down. "Alright then, enough talk." She looked back up at Avi. "We have a war on our hands. I'll go to the Lord Knights now. Stay in bed and don't touch anything." Tigirosa walked to the door, turned the knob and pulled it open. "I put your sword near the workbench, in case you were worried," she said as she exited, shutting the door behind her. Avi's mind immediately sparked.

"It all makes sense..."

Ignoring Tigirosa's demands, Avi threw his sheets off and stood up. It seemed like the damage to his ears was still affecting him, tipping his balance.

"How ironic," he thought.

Using the wall for support, he slowly made his way to the workbench. It felt as if his brain was on a kayak in a tsunami. His mind aching, he searched for his sword. He found it leaning against the bench, the gold blade glistening in the torchlight. He reached and picked it up.

"Speak," Avi said aloud, panting in trauma.

"It seems I have been discovered," said Rauthr telepathically. His tone was significantly deeper than before.

"My sincerest apologies to thee, Assassin."

"I want to hear it," said Avi, his mind swimming.

"Very well," the spirit boomed. "My name is Seraphor, and I am the First Lord, the Father of Magic."

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Chapter 10 - Answers

"I sincerely apologize for decieving thee, Avi Auditoré," boomed Seraphor.

Avi's mind swam with thoughts and questions as struggled to hold the up the sword, barely keeping his balance. He started to follow the wall back to his bed, dragging the golden blade across the ground with him.

"So the myths are true. The First Lord does actually exist. And so does the Seal of Balance," said Avi telepathically as he walked.

"Indeed, I am very real. Well, now that my identity has been discovered, I shall answer any question thy has for me. Ask to your heart's content, assassin, I have no reason to hide any longer," said Seraphor. The First Lord's voice almost seemed to radiate power. Just listening to him gave Avi goosebumps. He couldn't even imagine what it would be like to meet him in person.

Avi asked the first logical question that came to his mind. "Why hide your identity from me?" Avi finally managed to reach his bed, panting, and flopping onto the mattress, his vision teetering from his poor balance. He managed to muster the strength to sit up, loosely keeping the sword upright with his fingers as it stood on the ground, maintaining the telepathic connection.

"I was thinking thy would ask that," replied Seraphor. "My power and the Seal's power is not something to be tampered with. The power could also be used horrifically in the wrong hands. I needed to be certain that thy did not pose any threat to the balance of the Seals and Lore."

Avi was confused. "Lore?"

"If thrown off balance, the power of the Seals are capable of destroying all of civilization, in one way or another. The Seals constantly grow in power, and if one becomes much more dominant than the others, the Seal's power can engulf the entire planet, ending with certain destruction," replied Seraphor.

Avi was surprised, he did not think there would be another power in play on Lore. He thought the only power able to completely eradicate the planet would be the imbalance of the elements, but apparently the Seals also carried this power.

"What is the balance of the Seals as of now?" asked Avi.

Seraphor sighed. "There is one Seal that I can sense is significantly weaker than the others: the Seal of Life."

Avi raised an eyebrow. "But I thought the Seal of Life would be the strongest, considering the amount of goody-two-shoes running around in Falconreach."

"The details of the Seals' powers are a very complicated thing to discuss," replied Seraphor. "To put it fairly briefly, the Seal of Life is only used for anything involving life-bringing or life-saving. This has not been used often as the heroes have been able to defuse wars fairly efficiently lately, significantly reducing the power of the Seal. Meanwhile, the Seal of Chaos has been running rampant in the Void due to the Empress, as you have seen. The Seal of Purity has been used by the heroes to fend off the forces of evil."

"What about the Seal of Death?" asked Avi. Sitting up was beginning to tire the assassin out. He adjusted and laid on his back, his hand still keeping the blade upright beside the bed.

"The Seal of Death has been surprisingly maintaining the same power level as the other two. The Dark Knights, of course, contribute to most of this. However, I have been sensing another force contributing to the Seal's power. I believe it may eventually be a concern," said Seraphor.

"I wouldn't worry," replied Avi. "The Dark Knights are powerful enough to match the Avatars at their fullest, we can take anything that's thrown at us."

"So I have witnessed," said Seraphor.

Avi contemplated his new knowledge. The First Lord still watches over Lore and the Seal of Life is on the verge of collapsing. Although, Avi still had another question.

"You said you did not reveal yourself because you did not know if I posed a threat to balance," said Avi.

"Correct," the First Lord responded.

"What do you feel about me now?"

Seraphor stayed silent for a few seconds. Avi could almost feel the First Lord thinking. "I am still not certain, but perhaps this will give you the chance to open thy eyes to seek balance in Lore with me," Seraphor finally replied.

Avi smirked. "I do not serve balance, my duty belongs with the Dark Knights and that's how it will always be."

"Very well then," Seraphor replied. He sounded much more serious than before. "I shall still remain by thy side, however. We may not have the same goals, but we still walk the same path."

"Alright, whatever," said Avi.

"Will that be all, assassin?" Seraphor asked.

One question still swam in Avi's mind.

"Why did you give me so much power?"

Seraphor chuckled. "That was not my doing, Auditoré. That was the Seal of Balance. The Seal is able to unlock both sides of a person's spirit, the light and the darkness. Some people have an imbalanced spirit, however. The darkness may overpower the light or the other way around as well. You are the first I have met to have a perfect—" Seraphor suddenly stopped talking.

Avi was puzzled. "Seraphor?"

"She's here, drop me."

"What? Who's—"

"Now." The power behind the command was felt in every part of Avi's body. 

He obliged and dropped the sword. Just as the sword clattered to the floor, the door to the room opened. It was Tigirosa.

"You didn't listen to me, did you?" she asked in a bored tone.

"Uh, I'm sorry. I really needed to talk to Rauthr about something regarding the Void trip," Avi lied.

"Okay I'll let you off with a warning this time," said Tigirosa. "Next time, I'll ring a chime next to your exposed ear." She shut the door as she went back to her workbench, stirring her new potion. It went from a sickly yellow to a glowing orange with the red herb. It seemed to be smoking somehow. "I don't like it when my patients don't follow orders."

"It won't happen again," Avi promised.

"Good." Tigirosa brought the potion up to examine it in the light.

"So, um, what did the Lord Knights say?" asked Avi.

"They need as much intel of the enemy as possible, so they want me to have you up and running in two days max so you can give us your knowledge," she replied.

"Holy crap, two days?! Can you do that?" Avi asked. 

"Yeah, as long as you don't do anything stupid," she said, still fixated on her potion. Avi would've laughed, but she said it with such seriousness that he refrained.

"They also said they want to get training soon. Apparently your power still does not match the rest of us, so yeah," said Tigirosa. Under other circumstances, Avi would've been offended, but he knew it was true, so he just swallowed his pride and laid silently. "Don't worry, it is understandable, you are still only sixteen. In fact, I would be more concerned if your power actually did match ours. But considering that pendant of yours, I don't think the possibility is too far off," she said. Once again, it was almost as if she read his mind. Avi wondered how she always did that.

"What about my ears? Will they be able to function normally?" asked Avi.

"To be completely honest, I have no idea. I never get any patients with ear injuries. Well, that is unless Gavon starts singing," she said as she let out a small laugh. Avi chuckled. He knew she had to have a sense of humour somewhere.

"I would recommend you get some sleep now, I got a lot of work to do if I want to get you out of here," she said. 

"Aye," said Avi. With the amount of thoughts that bounced in his head, Avi doubted he'd ever be able to fall asleep. However, his fatigue hit him like a tog, falling asleep as soon as he shut his eyes, the first time he'd willingly slept since he had returned.

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